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Bait Boats

We can fully service and repair all types of bait boats in store.

When we service your boat we will: 
  • Strip your boat down
  • Inspect the inside, to check for any visible problems
  • Replace all LEDs
  • Put new battery connectors on your boat
  • Replace all of the seals on your boat
  • Build the boat back up and re-seal it
We can also fit the new 2.4GHz radio control system, to prevent any inteference between your boat and other boats, and uprated batteries, to make your boat faster, and can replace old circuit boards with electronic speed controls. We can fix any problem you have with your bait boat. Just give us a call

Visit our other website www.baitboatworks.co.uk for more information.

This is our local, family run, lake; Langley Lakes.