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Carrera Red Jumper 2

Carrera Red Jumper 2
Product Price: £34.99
Product Description

This fiery buggy loves racing on all terrains. All-round suspension ensures no gravel surface is too much of a challenge. Now everybody's going to see red. The 1:20 scale buggy is a jumping giant, despite only measuring 31 cm in length. Hitting speeds of up to 20 km/h it leaves the rest of the field in its wake for up to 40 minutes at a time.

2.4GHz Digital transmitter and receiver, run as many models as you like together with out any interference from other models!

No need to wait ages as a full 80-minute recharge means the Red Jumper is out dominating every type of terrain in next to no time. Power is produced by the 7.4 V-700 mAh Li-Ion battery and 8.4 V-500 mA-recharger to make this another great 'ready to run' product. 2.4 GHz technology enables up to 16 cars to compete at the same time.  Digital proportional technology ensures maximum agility and ultra-precise 360° control.

Your destination is just a single fiery jump away.

Innovative technology and a lightweight yet robust construction put you way ahead of the rest!

The ergonomically designed control set with the removable and storable joystick is a particularly attractive feature. This allows you to have the buggy completely under control - however spectacular the action. The more challenging the course and the heavier the traffic the better this buggy can demonstrate its supremacy.

Ready to Run

Car, controls, 2 AA batteries, high performance power pack & a charger are included.

Drive function digitally proportional

360° continuously controllable. Reaction to to the slightest accelerator movement.

Power Battery

The heart of every Carrera product is a high power Li-Ion battery that transmits its entire power to the engine and guarantees extremely long running times.

Short recharging times - Extremely long running times!

Recharging time approx. 80 minutes - long playing times up to 40 mins.

Auto OFF

Controls and cars switch off automatically after 30 minutes of standstill.

Facts & Features:

  • Car length: 29 cm
  • Top Speed: up to 20 km/h max.
  • Top Principle: Ready to Run
  • 2.4GHZ RC system

Top Function:

Li-Ion high power battery: 7.4V
Long running times up to 40 minutes
Short recharging time approx. 80 minutes