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Mtroniks Viper Oval

Mtroniks Viper Oval
Product Price: £40.00
Product Description

The Viper Oval is a Brushed speed controller designed specifically for use in RC Oval race cars.

The Oval has a race stock motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC Brushed 540 size race stock spec motor.

The Oval is the perfect speed controller for anybody wanting to upgrade their old stock motor speed control in their oval car, for a no nonsense race stock limited, reversible electronic speed control allowing you to run race stock motors to the highest performance possible!

The Oval is a one-off speed control that was designed for the Viper range with the help of some of today's leading Oval race drivers! It has been tailored to get the very best out of any race stock motor, giving you more punch, acceleration and performance than you will have ever seen before, on top of the increased performance you get from the Viper Oval, the controllers software has been designed, with the help of multi national winning racers, to develop the best feel and power for circuit racing. If the controller has the reverse enabled it has normal forwards operation, then when the throttle is pulled back, the first 1/3 of throttle stick travel is purely brakes, the second 2/3 or throttle stick travel is reverse. When the OVAL controller is in the forwards and brake only mode (reverse disabled) all throttle stick movement in the backward direction is purely braking!

On top of all the new features on the Oval, you still get all the usual protection you expect from a Viper speed control! Motor stall protection, motor short protection and of course ................ they are 100% waterproof.