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Saturn XR4 4Channel Combo 2.4GHz FHSS

Saturn XR4 4Channel Combo 2.4GHz FHSS
Product Price: £46.00
Product Description

A revised version of the high performance 2.4GHz radio system at an incredibly low price! Perfect for receiver-ready models as it is supplied without servos. A new full-range, even smaller six channel receiver is supplied as standard.

This new version features an upgraded transmission system for stronger signals.

• Interference-Free 2.4GHz Technology
• 4 Channel Digital Proportional Radio
• Servo Reversing on all Channels
• Battery Condition LEDs
• Lightweight 6 Channel Receiver Included!

Function List:
• 2.4GHz Technology
• 4 Channel digital proportional radio control
• Dual Rates
• Battery condition LEDs

Set Contents:
1 x Saturn XR4 Transmitter
1 x Saturn 6 Channel Receiver
1 x Instruction Manual
Mode 2
Modulation Saturn 2.4GHz
Receiver 6 Channel (Inc.)
Weight 456g
Battery 4x 'AA' Dry cells (Req.)
Channels 4
Dimensions 180 x 200 x 60mm (Approx.)