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Tamco TAC200 2-Channel 2.4GHz Stick Radio System

Tamco TAC200 2-Channel 2.4GHz Stick Radio System
Product Price: £34.00
Product Description

TAMCO RC offer an affordable choice for all those looking for a reliable 2 channel, 2.4GHz radio system. The TAC200 features low power warning, reverse functions and an ergonomic design. The TAMCO TAC200 is supplied with a small 3 channel receiver and is perfect for land based.

• Ergonomic Design
• Reverse Function
• Low Power Flashing LED
• Perfect for car, truck and boat applications

Required for use: 8x 'AA' Batteries (1.2v)
Modulation 2.4GHz Tamco GFSK 4096
Receiver 3-Channel Mini (Inc.)
Weight 365g
Channels 2
Dimensions 210 x 170 x 100mm
Power Output <= 20dBm